Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Heart Day!!

In honor of Valentine's Day, check out this link to the American Heart Association's How to Make a Healthy Family Website. There you will find many articles on nutrition, reducing screen time and increasing activities, and even addressing your child's weight with your doctor.

Here are some ideas to get non-athletes up and moving from the website, increasing physical activity means improving their cardiovascular health:

--Don't make exercise a punishment. Don't force your kids "go out and play." It may make them even more resistant to activity. However, if you encourage kids to go out a ride a bike or jump rope for 20 minutes before doing their homework, most kids will beg for more active time just to put off doing that homework.

--Find an activity that they love. Not everyone is into competitive team or individual sports, but there are lots of ways to be active: hiking, skateboarding, ice skating, horseback riding, cycling, yoga, and dancing (think ZumbAtomic!!). Encourage your child to explore different activities to see what they really enjoy.

--Build confidence. Some kids don't like to participate in sports because they are embarrassed because they don't think they look good enough. Find time to practice together and boost confidence.

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